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Create your own design using the VBG Rear End Solution

VBG Rear End Solution – a modular system that makes it possible to create a smart complete rear end – fully integrated with the other parts of VBG’s coupling system, this is a new launch from VBG.

MECHMATIC - clean and lubricate while you drive.

With a VBG MechMatic installed, you save both time and money. This is achieved through continuous cleaning and lubrication, which takes place automatically. By connecting the VBG MechMatic to the compressed air system, the coupling is cleaned by an air shock every six hours.

Superstructure solutions for all application.

The strength of VBG’s coupling system is that all the parts work together in a robust and well thought-out system, where each component has been optimised for maximum safety and performance. The system’s couplings, beams, end plates, drawbars and other accessories guarantee installation alternatives for all types of truck.

Correct and easy connection

To make things easier for you as a commercial driver, the new VBG 795V-2 is equipped with a coupling mouth extender.

New ways to benefit your business.

What is the ECWVTA?
Since April 2009 the European Union has been introducing new legislation that will create a single market by ensuring common vehicle standards. Now the time has come to include larger goods vehicles.

Superstructure solutions for all application.

Our drawbeam programme, CMS, provides patented solutions, adapted to the vehicle, for all types of trailer. We have drawbeams for both external and internal mounting, drawbeams for central mounting on the truck chassis or alternatively underslung installations using our endplate kits.

MECHMATIC - clean and lubricate your coupling while you drive.

In our constant quest to make your work as a driver easier, we are now launching yet another world first – MechMatic. A totally unique product which uses an air and oil mist to clean and lubricate your coupling automatically while you are driving.

Full articulation with the advantages of a fixed guide funnel.

For over 60 years, VBG has been pushing forward the development of truck couplings. The time has come for another VBG innovation – the 575V-2. This unique coupling suits all 50 mm draw bar eyes and comes with a fixed guide funnel and full angular displacement.